An update from Scotland

It’s a pleasure to begin this crucial means of communication, with this post for Members and Fellows in Scotland but no doubt of interest (hopefully) to all members, as we progress through the most difficult winter our young(ish) specialty has faced. Ensuring you all know what we are doing to advocate for better, safer, and more

Christmas is coming…

December is traditionally a time of celebration and I hope you are all able to get some time off with your families during the holiday period. Like many of you, I will be ‘celebrating’ Christmas by working overnight on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, our patients’ illnesses and injuries are no respecter of the calendar. Our break rooms will be full of dubious looking treats. It is important that this time is adequately rewarded in turn, and I will spend the following week with my parents, though the turkey may not be as nice.

Exams update from the CEO

The past months have seen significant work here at the College to address the issues that led to the examinations results error for the March diet of the FRCEM SBA. Before explaining what we have been doing, I think some context is useful, at the risk of recapping what we have already said before.