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Adrian Boyle, February 27, 2023

You just can’t blink or you’ll miss something. After a Monday in minors, churning through legions of sprained ankles and bumped heads, I opened up my emails and saw that the Junior Doctors Committee of the BMA announced their ballot results. On Friday, they announced 72 hours of continuous industrial action, starting on the 13th of March. The College is not a union and cannot express an opinion about industrial action. However, the length and depth of this proposed strike will have made many emergency physicians anxious about how to keep the doors of their department open. Emergency medicine is particularly dependant on postgraduate doctors. As always, the end of the strike will not be the end of the disruption, there will be many knock on effects from this.  At the time of writing,  there are certainly many more questions than answers. I really hope that a resolution can be found.

While all of this was going on, I was pulled to a family emergency. Being the only medic in a family is a mixed blessing. However, despite all of my public shroud waving, I was really impressed with the service from 999 call, hospital admission and subsequent discharge. Sometimes the system works well.


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