RCEM ASC’s final countdown – get your virtual conference tickets for live presentations on cutting-edge research in emergency medicine

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Harriet Ambroziak, RCEM Events Manager, 15 September 2023

We are now just two weeks away from the Annual Scientific Conference (ASC) 2023 and what a show we have planned for you! Our speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and the RCEM team are looking forward to welcoming you all from across the world.

If you’re not able to make it to the impressive Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) in Glasgow, which is well worth exploring while you’re here, then please don’t miss out on an exciting line-up of presentations as we are bringing them to you on a virtual platform with more features than ever.

Our speakers include many professors, doctors and clinicians from across the UK’s prestigious universities and NHS Trusts who write for some of the most respected journals in their medical fields and I’m so excited that we can bring the action to a global audience!

After purchasing your ticket as a virtual attendee (make sure you do this before 7pm on 26 September before it closes), we will send you clear instructions on how to use the virtual conference platform before it starts. On the day of the conference you will be able to start viewing track one of the ASC live from the comfort of wherever you’re watching and still get the accredited 16-CPD points. The sessions will also be available on-demand after the conference, so whatever you miss live can still be viewed on our platform.

Virtual learning

The online experience makes everything simple by bringing a range of features together in one easy-to-view panel, and the tool I’m most excited about you all using is our RCEMLearning Links. It helpfully points you in the direction of related additional RCEM content that is related to what you’re learning about as you’re watching it. This includes clinical cases, online resources blogs, and learning sessions.

Real-time participation

Our platform is truly immersive in many ways, but a few functions I want to highlight is the chat box where you can talk to other delegates watching the live stream and a feature that allows you to take notes during the session and email them to yourself.

And for those who like to get in on the action and ask plenty of questions, do not fear! We have you covered. All questions attendees have, whether you’re at the conference in-person or virtually, are submitted through the Online Q&A function for fairness before being put forward to our speaker. You can also ‘like’ questions that are put forward to give them a vote of confidence!

Other ways to be socially involved are through polls and discussion boards once you’ve completed your profile and made it public. You can add a profile picture, contact details, write a bio and set your privacy settings.

E-meet delegates and exhibitors

Once that’s done you chat with other delegates by finding a colleague and sending them a message, adding your thoughts and comments to conversations taking place on the discussion boards and start a conversation. Make sure to share what talks are you most looking forward to and where will you be watching the conference from!

I would like to thank our all our speakers and sponsors Aerogen, AstraZeneca, Eolas Medical, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, FUJIFILM Sonosite, Galen | Penthrox (methoxyflurane), General Medical Council, LumiraDx, MeMed, QuidelOrtho, Radiometer Limited, Sarstedt Ltd, SERB Pharmaceuticals and Trauma App for supporting the event. If you were planning to visit the exhibitors and are instead getting a virtual ticket, then don’t worry as you can speak to them through a chat function and download resources and view their websites.

Don’t forget, the presentations you will see throughout the ASC are available to you on-demand for a full year after the event has ended so you can watch them while you eagerly await the 2024 conference!

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