Yorkshire & Humber, August 2023

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Sally-Anne Wilson, 21 August, 2023

Sally-Anne Wilson

What has the regional board been up to in Yorkshire & Humber since the January blog? 

We presented the 87% RCEM regional wellness data and the RespectED work at the RCEM teaching session with the regional HSTs in February.  This started some very open and honest conversations about incivility and bullying that had been witnessed by trainees across the region.  More people contacted me & the Y&H EMTA rep afterwards.  Two trusts were highlighted as being problematic from the trainees’ point of view.  I have had meetings with clinical leaders from both the trusts and both are actively addressing these issues.  Early indications are that these interventions are helping.

We had our first wellbeing walk on Ilkley Moor in February.  Humber Bridge is the next destination – get in touch for more details!

The rest of our activity has been around arranging the regional learning and networking event in June, at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, this was a great day. Evaluation was positive, with some good pointers to make it even better next year. East Yorkshire, here we come!

As rotations move people around, we now have some vacancies at the regional board.  The Vice Chair is also vacant. Please get in touch if you are interested in these roles. 

Sally-Anne Wilson


Yorkshire & Humber Regional Chair

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